Monday, 17 February 2014

Chapter four: The new friends week

The first time that I knew that i'll be coming to India, i didn't expect all he surprises and amazing experiences that i've been experiencing during this days, specially when you meet new people and in this occasion was our local consultant Jaspreet!
His family invited us for dinner and to meet a real punjabi house! And it was a great experience and exciting too! The food was just great and delicious and we all had a LOT! 

We first had a delicious snacks! It rated like Mexican Chicharrones!! Soooo great :) just missing the Valentina sauce...
So as you can imagine, I'm gaining some weight on my time here, but I'm so happy and excited for being selected for my IBM assignment in this very particular plan and this particular time.
We all were very excited about the food that smelled very good and delicious!! Look Anne faces of excitement...!!
We had a great talk and fun! Actually we started a game by singing the national anthem of each personal country! That was really fun and gave to Jaspreet's family a brief of our background and home country :)

We all had a great time enjoying this rainy evening!

Here with my friend Dimitro!
Jaspreet's mom cooking kindly for us! 
Also Jaspreet showed us how the gifts(money gifts) for the weddings are made, and he explained to us that the envelop is hand made and unique, those shown below are my favorite ones! 
The same day at the very beginning we had our first client status, we were nervous at the beginning but after time we get real connection with our customers making the things easy and clear.
We were very happy to start sharing our feedback with the client and brain storming about the ideas that we have for this project with swabihmaan!
Adter the meeting one of our customers(Tej) invited us to have lunch with food made by his wife! Such an honor and it tasted so delicious! Omg specially the lentils and the pasta!



We did have a great time, the people here is just so kind and nice, I'm really very happy to be assigned to this group that is full of contrast and great thing to learn, now I'm pretty sure that this assignment wasn't coincidence and that the things happens for one special reason, I'm here to work hard and to learn new skills but along the way I'm sure will make long lasting friends!

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