Friday, 21 February 2014

Chapter six : Bdays, dinners, and more to come

This week has been the craziest one! (Til now) With so much work, fun, activities and events! But wow, I made it! And the cherry of the pie, the final competition on figure skating in Sochi Olympic Games 2014!! OMG! (a little heart attack came to me for a second)

To begin the festivities, the birthday of my dear friend Kazu, who achieve his 27 springs,(it was barely yesterday when he was a kid) now is a man! So, we decide to start the action in office! 
We sang the happy birthday and the friends at the office gave him cake!, literally...
Was so fun! Whe call it, feed Kazu!, I'm sure he had a great time and a great bite too!
Our friends Vishwas and Sameer were there, making jokes and having fun with us too! 
So, after the little break that we had at office we needed to prepare for the next event, dinner at Mr Sanjay's house! Also our friends Pierre, Dmytro, and Cristian were invited!
We had orange juice and pomegranate with little spices as entremeés! 
We brought flower to Mr.Sanjay's wife, they were very happy for having us at their house!
And of course we feed Kazu!
After the talk we were invited to have a wonderful dinner, and the menu was stunning!! I can barely remember the names but the one that I remember is the "Alo bhaji" that are lentils and potatoes, very tasty!!! Yummy yummy
More and more delicious food that delighted my nose and made my mouth watering!
We had fun talking with Mr.Sanjay's sons and daughter, and also Cathy had his hands with henna! Looked  amazing!!
And I tried on the turban that Mr. Sanjay weared at his wedding! Was so cool and we all tried too!!
Do I look like a real Maharajah?? I do :)
After the food we took a ride by the roof garden to take fresh air and admire the sky! Mr.Sanjay and his family gave us a warm farewell with a beautiful cachemire scarfs!! Wow that was awesome and any of us saw it come. :)

So the next adventure was the visit to Mr. Sanjay house!! It was also a fun time talking with his family and having also a delicious food that his wife prepared so delicately for us! Specially the masala peanuts (now I am a big fan!!)
We made jokes and talked about a lot of interesting things, as religion, work, travels, food, and of course languages!! 
They enjoyed teaching us some Indian words and we enjoyed teaching them in Japanese, and Spanish! Was great!
When we finished our delicious food, a gift was waiting for each of us
It was an amazing and fun night as we'll, we enjoyed the company and the good, the jokes and the sincere talk with our customer and friend Tej, was an awesome night full of laughs!

I hope Kazu had an awesome bday as well, cause I'm sure that i had fun celebrating him!

Happy bday Amigo Kazu!!

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