Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Chapter two: The food treasure

Actually when you go to India the first thing you need to think about it is how many kilograms do you want to gain? Cause the food is vast and delicious!! In many opportunities I had the chance to taste spicy food, since I'm from Mexico the chili is almost our second language, and our stomach is prepared for the most explosive tastes in the world, except for India.

For breakfast they have a really good choices and very international ones (thank god), you can go for the regular American breakfast or add a taste of little Asian flavor! I mean what you look down are a very tasty eggs with basmati rice and spiced beans, potato as hashbrown style and little curry sauce! If you see you can mixe it as we'll, all good partnered with a real good mango juice, exotic isn't?

It really surprises me the variety and the spiceness of their food, is almost like in every bite you will find a new flavor even your still eating the same! Isn't funny? The secret is because every time you set to eat you will find a variety of almost 200 different dishes per region!

Punjab  is one of vast regions with more variety and other of the naam butter bread ( the one I'm now really fan).

Nothing in life really prepares you for the original tastes of the Indian cuisine, if you come you must be prepared, brave, and conscious that your tongue will never be the same after trying this colorful buffet!

For refreshing after eating you can take a really fresh beverage called Lassi! Can be sour or sweet and it helps with all the groarrrrrrring in your stomach, it's made of yogur and is veryyyy helpful!

After a meal or whenever you need to freshed your mouth you can take any variety of mix of those seeds and it is both a breth freshener and a digestive aide. A simple one would just be saunf which is anise seeds. You will also see mixes of saunf with rock sugar or candy coated saunf. A mix from an Indian grocery will have stuff like cardamon, betel nut (suparee), anise seeds, fennel, sugar, and even little bits of silver. They will be in little travel sized containers for you to keep on your person at all times, or you can get them in little packets.
 If you some day have the chance to try it you gonna simply fall in love!

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  1. que buena manera de conocer otras culturas... les platicare a todos mis alumnos sobre esta variable tan interesante..... que tengas mucho exito por haya... DIOS TE BENDICE LALO