Saturday, 22 February 2014

Chapter seven: See you in México!

I strongly believe in that the more friends you have, richer you are.
And in this great experience as is CSC with my partners and working with Swabhimaan group I have gained many more!! 
Working with Swabhimaan group I met two super smart guys (Vishwas and Sameer) they were working as interns in Swabhimaan as part of their master program in Mumbai :)! 
So this week was their last making the school practices and we decided to hang out together! 
First having some fun with Cathy, Kazu and Vishwas at the hotel, having some refreshments, and watching figure skating!!
Then after some time and laughs we decided to go out and have a blast! And the soundtrack of the night was awesomely provided by our friend Vishwas!
He has an incredible good taste in music, so I stole some of the names of the songs to download it!
And Ganesh made us the night with his holy presence! 
Then Vishwas took us for some delicious refreshments!! And then for an awesome "noodle burger" that tasted UFF just delicious! It was the perfect flavor and temperature.
Then we decided to go to have some additional refreshments at the Brew master! And it was very goooood! We had also a peanut masala, I never get tired to eat them, they are sooooo delicious and crunchy as we'll!
We made the cobra!!! So fun!!!!! Now I have a new dance movement for my endless party nights. 
We had a great time joking and talking a about the future plans! And for sure the plan of go visit MEXICO!! And japan too! Or me to visit Mumbai!
And after some time we left happily the place, actually (I'm planning to return soon with my CSC partners!!) 
To go back home, as well the music was fantastic and Vishwas added a little speed to the ride!! Hahahaha was so fun!!!
Once arriving at the hotel I relaxed and watched happy and thankful the special gift received by Vishwas, I had no words since I know it's a holy bracelet and now will make me company everywhere I go.
Next day, we had our second customer meeting, we talked about the progress of the project and also the preliminary assessment made to the org, was very good with so many questions and feedback about the current work made and we had the presence of more members of the comitee,was so exciting!
The guys as well presented the results of the assessment made in the time that they spent as interns in Swabhimaan, the presentation was pretty good an clear!
We finished successfully the meeting!! But now it was time to say goodbye :( ( for a while) they needed to return to finish their master and be an awesome professionals!
I will miss you guys but now I have new friends and you have a new friend  in Mexico!! Thank you for all your help and good moments! See you very soon :)

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